Our Communities


Our Communities

Cohabit-Nation builds sanctuaries where people from all walks of life can live comfortably in the natural world under a community title arrangement.  Just as in a strata title development a purchaser has the right to occupy space, our communities provide like minded people with the following;

Choice of either a modern 2-bedroom 2 bathroom or 1 bedroom and studio home with all amenities including mains power and large covered decks.

*Larger homes or alternative layouts are available subject to review of potential impacts on the environment  

The privacy of minimum 400 sq. mtr of personal space set back off of the maintained access roadways. Each housing site is separated from the next by a minimum 50-meter wildlife corridor

Full rights and free access to the entire community space including all facilities and infrastructure

Asset protection under strong covenant requirements and the maintenance of community infrastructure by an on-site caretaker.

Each Sanctuary development operates under a Management Committee with a Body Corporate structure to cover the standard ongoing and maintenance costs  

Our clients come from all sections of the community, some seeking a weekend retreat, a retirement home or a place to unwind and relax with friends, others to take advantage of the peaceful environment to conduct online or home-based businesses. Our Sanctuary covenants prohibit purchase for the purpose of non-owner occupation unless evidence is available to show that the interests of the overall community are respected