Development Principles


Development Principles

Each Sanctuary has a maximum human footprint of below 10% of the total community land area. This includes all roadways, house sites, access paths, cleared personal spaces and community infrastructure 

Wildlife “free travel” paths throughout the sanctuary give nature right of way over humans at all times. There are no fences on the property except for those erected by residents to prevent their pets from interfering with the local wildlife.

Perimeter wildlife buffer zones and zero fencing philosophies to limit human impact with the environment and to encourage free movement beyond our sanctuary for all creatures

Modern comfortable housing options are built offsite and transported in after construction to ensure minimum disturbance to the environment, and all home positions are pre-planned to maximize both personal privacy and interaction with the natural world

Community infrastructure includes free access to fruit and vegetable gardens, meeting points containing ponds with viewing platforms, native fruit trees and other vegetation to attract wildlife, BBQ areas and conversation pits to encourage interaction between all residents

Each sanctuary has an Onsite caretaker who maintains all community infrastructure and assets, ensures water supplies are readily available in the absence of rainwater and is the immediate point of contact for all residents.

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