About Us

Harmonious Cohabitation with our native wildlife and natural Ecosystems

Our Mission

To re-imagine the built Environment, balancing the irrepressible need for humans to expand our footprint on the planet, with Humanity’s obligation to protect and nurture safe havens for all creatures great and small

Our Story

Cohabit-Nation was founded as a result of the vision of Greg and Arasi Barlow to develop communities that co-existed with the natural world, respecting and nurturing creatures and plants to the benefit of all who live within the Ecosystem. Greg comes from a grazing background and worked as a Business Professional for many years supporting land and infrastructure developments. Arasi is of Indian heritage with a great knowledge of, and interest in spirituality and the natural world, having lived in Eco communities within her native country for some time.

Brody Glasby was appointed CEO and General Manager to supervise the transition from a dream to the reality that exists today. His skills and experiences improved the basic concepts into a highly practical solution to the need for humans and wildlife to live together for the benefit of all.

Morgan Glasby had decades of experience in small residential developments and housing construction throughout South East Queensland and was appointed to manage the construction of all housing and other structures on the property.

Whilst many Eco-Villages exist in Australia, none of these truly place real importance and emphasis on the needs of all occupants of the land, nor do they specifically plan to protect and enhance the natural environment both during and after construction of houses. In most cases there is significant destruction of the natural ecosystem to cater for the needs and desires of humanity

The purpose of Cohabit-Nation is to create sanctuaries that provide modern housing and facilities without destroying the natural environment and to build communities where like-minded people can live in harmony and appreciation of nature as it is.
That is achieved by employing our unique philosophy of implementing a human footprint of below 20% and in most cases, as low as 8% of the total land area.
The remaining area is then designated as a wildlife sanctuary in support of Queensland’s more relevant organisations including – Land for Wildlife, Department of Environment and Science and the National Parks Association of Queensland Inc.

Our Team

Greg & Arasi Barlow

Development Consultants
Joint Directors

Brody Glasby

CEO and General Manager
Company Director and Secretary

Morgan Glasby

Construction Manager
Company Director

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